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Introducing the 2014 HVT Damper Products

HVT is proud to announce a new way of creating coilover systems for street, track and race applications.  The HVT family of dampers creates options for customers from low end, high quality non adjustable coilovers to fully active, electronic multi-way adjustable dampers designed and tested at the highest levels of racing.

HVT 6000 Series

HVT introduces a new line of quality stainless steel bodied, non adjustable coilovers designed to fit OEM top mounts.  With comfort and suspension travel at the top of the features list, HVT 6000 coilovers get your car lowered without the punishing ride of other low end coilovers.  There no longer must be a compromise between a nice ride and a lowered vehicle. 

Turn In Concepts will be introducing our first HVT 6000 Subaru STI (GD Chassis) package in March followed by SuperMiata's version of the 6000 Series available on NA and NB Miatas.  Prices start at $750 including springs for non strut vehicles.


Introducing HVT 6200i by JRi Shocks

HVT is proud to announce the ultimate in 2 way, internally adjustable dampers.  Partnering with JRi Shocks, we’ve combined our knowledge of sports car damping with JRi's expertise in damper development. 

JRi’s internal double adjustment is second to none.  If your rules require internal adjustments only (no reservoir), look no further.  JRi’s dual adjustment shaft can provide multiple configurations meeting every requirement a racer needs.  Independent compression and rebound adjustment or combinations of adjustment are available.  Custom valving and settings can be developed through HVT. 

JRi’s large adjustment range allows for a large range of spring rates without making changes to the dampers.  Racers should expect to use our base settings for 300 lb/in to 1200 lb/in without modification.  Customization is available outside of these ranges.  Our year long testing has shown the JRi damper package is consistently worth seconds per lap depending on the track and vehicle.  The average racer drops 1-2 seconds per lap with the addition of JRi dampers and proper settings.

JRi's front strut insert is a direct replacement for some Koni struts and all AST 4000 Series products.  Call HVT for more details on simple, cost effective upgrades for your vehicle.

Contact HVT today for a custom quote for your vehicle.  Fitments are ready for the following models:

  • Mazda Miata (NA/NB chassis)
  • BMW 3 Series (E30/E36/E46 chassis)
  • Ford Mustang (S197 chassis)
  • Subaru STI (GR chassis)

Introducing HVT by TracTive Suspension - HVT 6100, 6200, 6300 i/r/e

Three years of development have lead to the new HVT racing line of dampers starting with the 6100, 6200 and 6300 products.  Partnering with TracTive Suspension, together our system of dampers has no equal. 

TracTive Suspension started 1st of June 2010 after the production and R&D departments of WP Suspension moved to Austria. The core development and engineering team took this chance to start TracTive Suspension. The total experience developing High End Aftermarket and OEM suspension products adds up to more than 100 years.

Why another race shock?

We asked ourselves this question several times.  The coilover market is crowded, so why bring out another product?  The logical answer is “because we can make it better!”

We spent the last three years supporting professional endurance racing under GRAND-AM’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge.  In this racing, street cars from BMWs, Porsches, Mustangs, Camaros and even Honda Civics and Mazdas race.  The suspension is essentially the same design as from the factory.  One thing is clear, endurance racing is hard on the cars and suspension.

In 7-post rig testing, our new design created more grip than 22mm shaft race dampers.  Recently, our new HVT 6200r was the fastest Mustang in IMSA Daytona testing and beat all infield sector times for the pole position BMW during the test!  Proving, our design handles better than some 4-Way designs from our competitors.

Highlights of the 6000 Series

  • The lowest stiction, strongest strut we have ever tested.
  • Lightest design on the market utilizing properly sized components that give the best balance of weight and damping performance in compression and rebound
  • Actively Controlled Electronics (ACE) can be fully custom tuned by HVT.  Both Android and dash mounted adjustment is available
  • Mechanically adjusted 1, 2 and 3 way dampers can be upgraded to ACE at a later date
  • The largest reservoir hose on the market guarantees the damping occurs in the reservoir, not the hose.
  • Unique High-Flow needle offers more range, no hand drilled orifice bleed holes which are inconsistent between click.
  • Vacuum filled at the factory and during service in USA ensures consistent performance
  • High Flow Piston allows for linear, preload digressive and high speed blow off setups with one piston design
  • Offset low friction piston seals guarantee no leakage past the piston.
  • Hot swappable reservoir valves can be changed without removing the damper from the vehicle, an industry first!

Contact HVT today for your custom quote.  Fitments are ready for the following models:

  • Mazda Miata (NA/NB) exclusively through 949 Racing
  • BMW (E36/E46/E90)
  • Ford Mustang (S197)
  • Subaru BRZ (GT86)
  • Subaru (GR/GD)
  • Porsche 997

Introducing Actively Controlled Electronics (ACE)

We’ve developed the most sophisticated family of electronic dampers available to the public at any price point.  ACE is a technology that can be as simple as offering limited adjustment all the way to fully active, velocity based damping (VBD) and displacement based damping (DBD).  The ACE module can be upgraded to any level of control in the family.  No replacement parts are required.  Some of the key features and options of ACE include:

    • 5 level damping adjustment
    • Accelerometer based adjustment (x and y axis)
    • Independent front and rear axle adjustment (adjust oversteer/understeer)
    • Velocity based damping (optional sensors required)
    • Bluetooth app for adjustment by Android device
    • Easy to use fixed module for adjustment with racing gloves
    • Roll, brake dive, and squat adjustment based on user input
    • 1, 2 and 3 way semi active models
    • OEM “Plug and Play” availability for Porsche and Nissan GT-R (replacement of OEM electronic shocks)
    • 6 ms response time
    • Completely custom tuning available from HVT including drag race setups

ACE isn’t just adding electronics to a damper, it is a whole new way to think about dampers on your vehicle.  We call it Driver Experience Modifier, not an adjustable damper.  With 2000 pounds of adjustment range, you can make your vehicle do anything you can imagine.  All 6100 and up models can be upgraded to ACE at any time.

For more information, visit www.hancheyvehicletech.com/tractive-suspension-by-hvt.html

Product Breakout

HVT 6100i
Building off our strut design used in IMSA racing, we’ve created the strongest street/track ready single adjustable suspension on the market.  With twice the adjustment range of the competition and a fully upgradeable path, the 6100i is an excellent choice for the street car that hits the track too.  So many coil overs were never designed for the track but brag about it.  We started with a track setup and made it street friendly. 

The modular design allows for upgrades in the future to electronic or full race versions.  Our unique piston design creates several different types of damper curves.  There’s no need to sell multiple pistons to achieve different types of curves.  If your needs change in the future, we can do more with a re-valve than most other companies can do with complete system changes. 

Currently supported vehicles:

    • BMW (E36, E46, E90)
    • Mazda Miata (NA/NB)
    • Ford Mustang (S197)
    • Porsche (997 and 987)
    • Subaru (GD, GR, GT86)
    • Mini Cooper

HVT 6100e
The ultimate street/track setup for your vehicle is here!  Other companies can brag about electronic shocks, but none of them were designed to do what ACE is designed to do.  Aside from being tested through 18 million cycles without failure, ACE goes so much farther than the normal electronic shocks.  Settings include front and rear axle damping adjustment as well as longitudinal and lateral overlay maps.  If you want OEM ride quality and the best track performer, the HVT 6100e is for you.

Currently supported vehicles:

    • BMW (E36, E46, E90)
    • Mazda Miata (NA/NB)
    • Ford Mustang (S197)
    • Porsche (997 and 987)
    • Subaru (GD, GR, GT86)
    • Mini Cooper

HVT 6200 and 6300r

The 2 and 3 way versions of the 6000 Series add 7mm ID reservoir hoses and high flow reservoirs.  This gives high or high and low speed compression adjustment.  The high flow design insures the damping occurs in the reservoir and not in the hose.  Other dampers with smaller hoses are restricting flow and using the hose to provide some of your damping! 

Internal components are the same as the 6100i Series which are easily upgradeable to the 6200 or 6300r models.

Currently supported vehicles:

    • BMW (E36, E46, E90)
    • Mazda Miata (NA/NB)
    • Ford Mustang (S197)
    • Porsche( 997 and 987)
    • Subaru (GD, GR, GT86)
    • Mini Cooper

HVT 6300e
The ultimate race setup for your vehicle is here!  Other companies can brag about electronic shocks, but none of them were designed to do what ACE is designed to do.  Aside from being tested through 18 million cycles without failure, ACE goes so much farther than the normal electronic shocks.  Settings include front and rear axle damping adjustment as well as longitudinal and lateral overlay maps. 

The 6300e takes the 6100e a step further by offering high and low speed compression adjustment along with the electronic shaft adjustment.  Three 24 Hour race events have been completed with the race setup.  One car went fast enough to “break out” of its class and got a drive through penalty!

Currently supported vehicles:

    • BMW (E36, E46, E90)
    • Mazda Miata (NA/NB)
    • Ford Mustang (S197)
    • Porsche (997 and 987)
    • Subaru (GD, GR, GT86)
    • Mini Cooper


Below are the Hanchey Vehicle Technologies brands. Click on a logo to learn more about each.

Hanchey Vehicle Technologies (HVT) owners got their start importing dampers for other European brands. We built a Holland-based brand from nothing to a successful shock company in North America in a few short years. After two seasons as an official supplier to GRAND-AM’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge series, we decided we could do more when it comes to performance, quality, timeliness, and customer service. That’s where HVT comes in. Cars running dampers in GRAND-AM that were valved “in house” won the GS Team Championship (Rum Bum Racing) and the ST Team and Driver Championships (i-MOTO Racing) in 2012. Teams such as these, and many others, count on us to win races.

Rum Bum Racing i-MOTO Racing

We have a dedicated staff of sales people and technicians that are enthusiasts like you. We listen, we understand what you want with your shocks, and we’re here to prove it.

Our Philosophy

Let’s face it, the suspension market is crowded. Want a $500 coilover kit? There are 20 to choose from. Want a $1500 kit? Sure, there’s more there. You can pay all the way to $10,000 and find something that fits your car. But, is it right for you or is it ideal for your car? There’s a smarter, more effective way to buy suspension. While overseas companies must make everything in huge volumes, we make ideal solutions for you, the user. Volume products are never perfect, and compromises have to be made on features and functionality that make customization impossible. We can tell you stories of customers that ordered “custom spring rates” and when the coilover kit showed up it had the same old springs on them. Do they care? No, because they got your $500. You go bouncing down the road until the rattles start and you’re dissatisfied with the purchase. But hey, you saved a few bucks right?

The Status of Aftermarket Parts Industry

The world economy has conditioned us to always want a good value. Why buy $500 wheels when $100 wheels get you down the road? We’re all guilty of it and if you can save a few bucks, we say go for it! The Internet has made price shopping a breeze and anyone with a website and an account with a big supplier can drop ship you parts, make 5-10% on the sale, give you free shipping and send you down the road. Most of those guys have day jobs or do it out of their college dorm room. While we’re all for good value, there are legitimate businesses out there trying to earn a living from their passion for motorsports. Those guys can’t compete with the dorm room seller. They can’t live on 5% margins. It just doesn’t happen. What happens when you take your $100 wheels to the race track for the occasional track day? Nervous about what happens when you smack that curb? You may not see the crack initially, but you better start checking that wheel. The point being, sometimes you get what you pay for. That $100 wheel or $500 coilover kit can get you down the road, but did you stop to think if the manufacturer ran it into curbs at race tracks around the country? We did. We design products to meet the needs of the job they are asked to do. We like to offer a good value out of the box. Will it be the least expensive solution on the market? Not by a long shot, but it will not be the most expensive either. Good value doesn’t mean cheap, it means you get everything you asked for and a little more. That’s what we always strive to do.